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Will John McBain Ever Find Out Liam is His Son? (OLTL)

12 Years Ago

After months of a botched DNA test that showed Brody Lovett was Liam's father, will John McBain ever know Liam is really his son?

After a one-night stand with sister's fiance, and thinking that John was still with Marty Saybrooke, Natalie has a drunken one-night stand with Brody Lovett. 

Clint, asking employee, Vimal Patel to change the DNA results of his daughter's DNA test (Clint actually wanted Jessica's changed) to make it look like Brody Lovett was daughter, Jessica's son's Ryder father, Vimal went to do that, but saw both daughters, Jessica and Natalie had a DNA test done, and since Clint didn't specify which daughter, Vimal flipped a coin and changed Jessica's DNA test.

On the other side, Marty wanted revenge on Natalie because she still wanted John, also changed Natalie's DNA test.  Marty told Todd2/Victor Jr that he must tell John that he is Liam's father.  Todd 2/Victor Jr "promises" to tell John before he manages to get her on the plane to see not-so-dead-husband Patrick.  Instead, Todd 2/Victor Jr taunts John, but manages to tell Vimal the truth before he is shot and killed.

And now the DNA results have floated around Llanview from Marty, to David Vickers (the dog)--Tina Lord's dog she named after David Vickers--and finally Jessica Buchanan...

...Will Jessica tell John...or keep the news to herself (she did inform Robert Ford)...