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Posting here might not be wise

7 Years Ago

I'd recommend using the groups on DeviantArt and Flickr instead of this one

Take a look at the amount of spam piling up in the new groups section, the lack of a managerial response, and the truly insane discussion of the matter in the forums. If you look around, WritersCafe has the appearance of a social network that has been almost completely abandoned, and is on its way out.

Why fight it? Yes, it's a social network, and you can make connections, but who will you be meeting? Almost all of the adults reportedly left after a massive data loss incident - something to think about right there, leaving us with a mass of teenagers, children, and a handful of adults one finds in the forum who seem to expect to be able to bluster their way past the fact that they show no signs of being able to function in the real world. Really, more the kind of people one would expect to have to take out a restraining order against than the kind one with whom one would want to keep in contact.

I'll open this group for those who I've come to know and trust on Flickr and DeviantArt, if they really want to post to this group, for some reason, but until I see some signs of commitment on the part of the staff, and of sanity on the part of the users, I'm not going to recommend that anybody take me up on that.