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Stuff to review...

12 Years Ago

Hi everyone! I wanted to read and review some of your stuff, but there isn't much posted in here! whats up? I read 2 because that's all I could find! ;(
Post! We are such a small group, we can easily help one another out with reviews and suggestions..etc...right?
Or is everyone just nervous about posting? I often worry about sharing stuff on a site like this, but I think it's pretty safe. Im sure our lawyer friend in the group ::tongue:: can correct me if I'm wrong, but I've done some reading on copyright laws and from what I understand the moment you create something it is yours..its copy-righted. Plus, in my software whenever I write something it's date and time stamped with my name...I think that helps also.
Anyways, hope to see more from you guys...songwriting is a huge love of mine..although I only write when extremely emotional about something going on. Its been my best outlet and the best form of therapy Ive found thus far! lol