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Write your thoughts here.

12 Years Ago

Now, this thread is a way to express your thoughts, without going through the hassle of creating a story/poem to tell them.  This is pure, concentrated thinking by itself. Letting go of what's inside is healthy for the mind. So I suppose I'll start off.


    I sometimes wonder if I've changed just in this year. I know I acted different to other people besides my friends when I started high school, but I mean, I wonder if I have more than that. I was more goofy, happy, and I showed my true side more often, but now it seems the only jokes I make are sarcastic or mockery, and I feel like my true side has completely disappeared.  What do I do to change this? They say admitting is the first step, but now what?

    I think it's because of my obsession. I really liked this one guy, but we weren't close and I just constantly thinking about him, though I know I didn't love him. Even during liking him, I knew I didn't love him, but I couldn't stop thinking about him. My only reason for school became seeing him and if I was lucky, talking to him.

    But now he's gone. I felt free of my obsession at first, but I felt like their was no more purpose to anything. I wasn't as close to my best friends as I was previously, and I hadn't made any new friends like everyone seemed to have. Not only do I now wonder what purpose I have for myself, but what purpose do I have for others? Nobody really seems to care about me inbetween classes and especially afterschool. One of my best friends didn't invite me to her birthday party! I don't care for her, but what do I do to solve all this?

    But I suppose these are all lessons I'm never going to understand until I experience them myself, so I suppose I'll keep looking for the solution to revert back to my real self. "I will go on until the end" - Breaking Benjamin


Alright! Now your turn!