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Chapter 1

10 Years Ago

Pained, forced screams broke the silence of the night as the vampire's teeth sunk deeper in the sensitive area of his victims neck. Sounds of the ocean drifted in through the open bedroom window, drowning out the sounds of Cameron's slowing heartbeat. Myron laid Cameron's head gently on his lap and kissed his forehead softly. After seeing Cameron for the first time two months before that night, Myron had been craving his blood more than he had craved anyone's blood since becoming a vampire. But more than Cameron's blood, he wanted his body, his love. Myron followed him everywhere, watched him while he slept, ate, bathed; Myron was always there, always in the shadows. Now, he had finally made Cameron his. However, tasting Cameron's blood sent him reeling and it literally took every bit of his will not to go on a rampage.

He held Cameron so gently, stroked his face, ran his fingers through his soft brown hair. He watched as all color faded from Cameron's face, as his hair developed more sheen, more color. All that Cameron was before was gone, dead at the hands of Myron Castle. Cameron slowly opened his eyes as if he were waking from a deep sleep. Blinking rapidly, he began taking in everything around him with his new life, with his new eyes.

“Welcome back.” Myron greeted his happily. He spoke with a British accent and a hint of another country.

“What?” Cameron muttered confused.

“You were...asleep.” Myron said, amused with himself.

“Where am I?” Cameron asked as he sat up.

“In my home.” Myron smiled.

“And where exactly is that? Am I still in New Jersey?” Cameron asked worriedly, fear and panic present in his tone.

“Yes. You have not left.” Myron nodded.

“Great. Thanks. I'm going home.” Cameron tried to stand, but fell back onto the large bed where he had woken from. “What's wrong with me?”

“Try again. It's natural to be a little unsteady afterward.”

“After what? What the f**k did we do last night?” Cameron was growing impatient with his strange host.

“Fear not. Your memories will return in time.” Myron replied calmly.

“God, I'm so hungry.” Cameron said as he clutched his aching stomach. He felt as if he hadn't eaten in a week and the hunger was growing rapidly.

“What do you hunger for?” Myron asked calmly.

“I don't know. I'll think of something.” Cameron stood and walked to the bedroom door.

“I respect that you wish to leave, but I wonder if you might oblige me and have dinner with me. I would greatly appreciate the company and would like to know you better.”

Cameron turned to Myron who was still sitting on the bed and said, “Okay, I'll stay.” Cameron sighed then continued, “I don't remember what happened last night which means I either drank too much or you were so bad I fell asleep...or both.”

Myron laughed and said, “I assure you, we did nothing.”

“Then why can't I remember?”

“You will. In time.”

“Yeah. So who are you?” Cameron asked, anxious to remember the night prior and leave.

“My name is Myron Castle. And you are Cameron Newport, correct?”

“How the f**k did you know my name when I don't even know you?” Cameron backed against the door, ready to bolt out of the house and to the nearest police station.

“I know a great deal about you. Such as: you have dinner alone at the same restaurant every Thursday night. You visit your mother in the nursing home every Friday afternoon. You give in to inebriation every night to escape your own mind.” Myron leaned forward and said matter-of-factly while looking directly in Cameron's eyes, “I know the memories which are haunting you and I know you feel guilty for putting your mother in the nursing home.”

“You've been f*****g stalking me.” Cameron laughed nervously. “At least you admitted it so the police can add that to kidnapping. And what do you mean you know my memories?”

“I can read minds. It's a gift and a curse.” Myron smiled weakly.

“Uh-huh.” Cameron turned back to the door and grasped the doorknob, ready to flee from the house, but felt strong, yet soft, hands on his shoulders stopping him.

“Please, Cameron, do not leave. I have gone to much trouble to bring you to my home.” Myron pleaded quietly, his hands not faltering on Cameron's shoulders, his breath on Cameron's neck sending shivers down his spine. Myron let his hands travel down Cameron's body to the bottom of his blue shirt and back up, taking in every soft feeling, every curve of muscle, of Cameron's skin.

“You admitted to stalking and kidnapping me. Can you give me a good reason why I should stay?” Cameron asked quietly, pleasure soaring throughout him from Myron's gentle touch.

“Yes. Dinner's ready.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Myron led Cameron to the medium-sized dining room. Although it was still dark outside, he could see Island Beach through five large bay windows. The smell of the ocean drifted in through one of the open windows, pleasantly invading Cameron's nostrils with its sweet scent. A small table sat near the windows and there he saw a young girl no older than nineteen tied to one of the tables chairs.

“Wha...” Without finishing his thoughts, Cameron ran to the chair to untie the girl whose whimpers were muffled by a gag bound very tightly over her mouth. Myron pushed Cameron away very hard, making him fall over one of the unoccupied chairs. He walked behind the girl and smiled at Cameron.

“Why is she tied to that chair?” Cameron asked hysterically as he pulled himself up from the floor.

“She's dinner.” Myron answered, smiling.

“You're a f*****g cannibal?” Cameron said with disgust.

“No,” Myron laughed. “I'm a vampire.”

“Vampires don't exist.” Cameron laughed nervously.

“Do you not remember, Cameron?” Myron walked to Cameron and began circling him like a hungry vulture.

“Remember what?” Cameron nervously replied as he watched Myron closely.

“That pain in your neck. Do you remember how it felt as I slowly drained the life from you? Do you remember when all your memories played for you like a bad movie? Do you remember when your heart slowed until stopping forever?” As Myron spoke, the memories of the night before came flooding back to Cameron in flashes like someone was showing him pictures of his own life. “Now you know your hunger.”

Cameron had been drinking like he did every night, but he wasn't completely wasted like he normally was at midnight. He left the bar a little after 1am and had no intention of going home until he was so drunk he felt close to death. As he staggered clumsily to the next bar he became aware of someone following him. He quickened his pace as carefully as possible so he wouldn't fall in order to escape his pursuer. He rounded a corner too hastily and walked directly into a streetlight pole. He hit his forehead hard on the pole and fell, but before losing consciousness he looked up to see Myron standing over him and smiling.

When Cameron woke, he was lying on a large king-sized canopy bed. Drapes hung closed only on the side opposite the bedroom door. On the bed were many pillows, along with a comforter someone had been kind enough to cover him with. He didn't recognize the room, but it had happened to him before (waking in unfamiliar places), so he knew what to expect. Well, he thought he did.

He sat up in bed, rubbing the bump on his forehead caused by walking into the streetlight pole. He was still a little drunk and his head was throbbing, so he laid back down on the comfortable bed and closed his eyes. He prayed his host for the evening wasn't another policeman. He knew, though, that policemen don't usually take drunks back to their homes unless they have f*****g on the brain. That had only happened to him twice.

Cameron was almost asleep when he heard someone enter the room quietly. It was a tall male, maybe 6'1” or 6'2”. His features were very strong, a bit intimidating, yet his expression was soft, caring. He smiled at Cameron as he walked to the bed and sat on the edge. Cameron watched him cautiously, but was drawn in by his beauty. The man's paralyzing eyes were a beautiful amber brown, his black hair hung loosely at his shoulders, and he walked as if he were floating on a cloud.

“Hello, Cameron. My name is Myron and I am very pleased to have you as my guest.” Myron said with a deep sultry voice.

“Do I know you?” Cameron slurred.

“No, but I know you. Very well, in fact.”

“Uh-huh.” Cameron replied skeptically and a bit nervously.

“Would you care to have dinner with me, Cameron?” Myron asked calmly.

Cameron uneasily replied, “sure.”

That's when the pain happened, that's when Myron stole Cameron's life. It wasn't much of a life, but he wasn't ready to give it up. The bite. Cameron remembered feeling his blood being drained from his body, the almost orgasmic feeling from the pain of his neck being torn open. He grabbed Myron's black hair as he screamed in agony, then he felt tired like he was falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.

“You cannot deny what you are, Cameron. If you do not feed now, the hunger will only become more unbearable until you can no longer control your lust for blood and you will go on a rampage. Trust me, Cameron, you do not want that on your conscience.”

“I'm not a killer.” Cameron said sternly.

“You don't have to kill her. You may simply drink to satiate yourself and I will finish her. We could also make her one of us or keep her as a pet.” Myron said tauntingly as he played with the girl's blonde hair.

“No!” Cameron shouted. He turned from the girl and covered his ears. He didn't want to see her pleading eyes drenched by tears, he didn't want to hear her muffled cries for help. Nonetheless, he couldn't deny that a hunger was building within him, a hunger that was indeed becoming unbearable.

“Make your choice, Cameron. If you choose to leave, remember you cannot return to your old life. Your old life is nothing more than a memory, a memory you will soon forget.”

“I...I can't do it.” Cameron was broken from his reverie when the girl's muffled whimpers became muffled screams of agony and fear as Myron sunk his teeth into the area between her neck and shoulder. “What are you doing?” Cameron shouted in horror. The girl's screams were like knives in Cameron's ears.

“Drink, Cameron.” Myron egged him on gruffly with blood dripping from his smiling mouth, his eyes changed from an amber brown to a blood red.

“No. I'm not doing that.” Although Cameron knew he wanted to. Her blood, the precious aroma of it smelled intoxicatingly delicious to him, like a favorite scent or a delicious meal.

“You cannot ignore the hunger for it. Smell it, Cameron, smell her blood. Listen to it as it flows through her. Listen to her heartbeat.”

“No. I...I can't.” Cameron stuttered almost at his boiling point.

“Taste her blood, Cameron. Her blood is like candy. Try it.”

Close to tears, Cameron ran to the girl, whispered “I'm sorry” in her ear, and began sucking the precious crimson liquid from the gaping wound Myron had made. The girls heartbeat quickened with fear, pounding like drums in Cameron's ears, then began to slow. All of her memories and thoughts played in Cameron's head like a movie, but he pushed them from his mind and kept drinking. As her blood flowed through him, a euphoric sensation fell over him, bringing new life to him and he didn't want to stop.

“Enough, Cameron.” Myron smiled and wiped blood from Cameron's mouth. “You're like a child learning to eat for the first time. And you are so beautiful.” Myron smiled as he stared into Cameron's blue eyes and stroked his face. “I knew you were the one.”

“The one? What's that supposed to mean? As in soulmate? Because I have a boyfriend.” Cameron lied, a bit perplexed.

“You did have a boyfriend. Forgive me, Cameron, but I was there in the shadows watching outside that restaurant as you ended your relationship.” Myron explained.

“You were spying on us?” Cameron asked angrily.

“Yes. However, I'm not afraid to admit I was delighted by your decision. Especially after I found him with another man in your bed. I was disappointed it was not you and I prayed you would discover them yourself so I could have you to myself.” Myron replied softly.

“Michael cheated on me? I just broke up with him because he was becoming distant and arrogant. I had no idea the a*****e was cheating on me.” Cameron, dumbfounded, plopped down on a nearby chair and buried his face in his hands. He had completely forgotten he had just drank blood and that the girl's dead body was still tied to the chair.

Myron walked over and ran his fingers through Cameron's hair and said derisively with a smile, “he can be our next victim.”