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My life as a homosexual

11 Years Ago

For four years now i've actually realized that i was interested in both girls and boys.Now being in the ninth everyone thinks its so cool to have a bi/lesbian/gay friend but life has not always been that way for me, at all.For most of my life people have called me a freak and told me i was an idiot for the way i am.Others have not taken me seriously  about being the way i am because i was a "normal" child in my childhood. I have been in fights for the way i am and i demand justice i am just like a normal person,and i will stand up for what i believe in no matter what anyone says. SAME SEX MARRIAGE SHOULD BE LEGAL. Do YOU have what it takes to stand up for what you believe in? You don't have to be gay/lesbian/bi to join this group you can be straight , people who are straight and decide to stand against the higher power(government) to show we are just like everyone else are very brave.I thank you.You see the wrong in how people discriminate us just us we do.