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"Frankie always wanted to fly"

9 Years Ago

Frankie grew up in a paper thin apartment Frankie always wanted to fly Eddie grew up next door to Frankie Eddie flew, by getting high Frankie and Eddie were best friends Eddie with his love for cheap poisons Frankie with his eyes on the sky Eddie met money thru a friend called cocaine Frankie met Tina at a high school ball game Tina and Frankie fell from the windows of their projects into mad love Eddie became the corners main man Frankie rode the bus because a car cost too much Frankie used his savings account to put a ring on Tina’s hand Tina gave Frankie a son Eddie moved out the projects Tina graduated an honor student with no scholarships Frankie joined the army to pay for Tina’s college Frankie put bread on his family’s table Tina took night classes on the side Frankie became an army helicopter pilot Frankie always wanted to fly Frankie deployed Eddie acted the part of Frankie’s homey Frankie was gone for too long Tina got lonely Frankie wrote home everyday Tina didn’t bother Frankie came back from the war Eddie was Frankie’s son’s new father Eddie was sorry Tina felt justified Eddie overdosed at a South Bronx party Frankie’s heart died Tina was too ashamed to see Frankie’s face Frankie couldn’t stand being alive Frankie jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge Frankie always wanted to fly