Storytellers of Avalon Point (SOAP)


I will tell you something about stories, (he said) They aren’t just entertainment. Don’t be fooled. They are all we have, you see, All we have to fight off illness and death. —Leslie Marmon Silko

Work of the Week (WOW):

Story Prompt: Write something, anything (paragraph, poem, letter, etc.), but don't make it too long, in plain, normal English. HOWEVER, you must include the following five Shakespearean words:* meet (meaning fit, suitable, right, proper), taper (meaning candle), soft (meaning a command-not so fast, wait a moment), habit (meaning dress, clothing, costume), and bane (meaning ruin, woe, destruction). Good luck! And remember, the entire writing must be in normal, every-day language save the five words.
*[Thanks to for exact definitions.]

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