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Writing Prompt #1 - Chain Story

7 Years Ago

Here is the first two paragraphs to start the chain story...please write the next two paragraphs of this story in ITALICS.  I think this is important so we can tell what is the addition to the story and what is just a comment on the content.  Thanks and happy writing...

She opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of a light off in the distance before an involuntary cough and a burning sensation in her lungs alerted her to the fact that she could not breathe.  Her limbs felt like lead and she couldn't move her arms.  She struggled left and right wriggling like a worm on a hook, trying to free her hands from the zip ties that were digging into her skin. 

Her eyes popped open and the sting of salt water rushed in.  How?  Her mind was a blank but there would be time enough for figuring this all out if she could just move her legs and kick to the surface.  Her lungs burned and her brain was becoming foggy, she knew that if she did not breathe soon she was going to pass out.  Suddenly her knees hit something hard and with a furious kick she braced herself and pushed off toward the light hoping any moment to gasp into the open air.