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love connection

10 Years Ago

Lets go for a ride Look at you there standing tall and fair tank top on and underwear Im not a man to play and linger, im the man that calls to keep her All my Addiction on overflow as I pour this liquid gold Tequila sunrise and as sunsets please bat those eyes and never regret Behind these bars I prey and weep take my heart to hold and keep At a cross road don’t know where to go, please follow me and but let go Bangin on these thick black bars  the sounds of jail house home made guitars Beggin for a little trouble my baby browns are seein double In the abyss I see your red lips top and bottom the softest kiss Showyou threw the  love connection my heart is swoll with love infection Ive lied and cried and skipped the sheets my heart is torn jumped a beat Live and learn the love I lost wish I didnt crisscrossed my thoughts Im lonely here your foney no love connection in the air Ive called ive knocked ive asked for directions callin on that love connection Miles here and miles there kiss my lips don’t shed a tear dont worry now i will be quick just smell your pillow and lick your lips Jail house pains as the river drain a heart will always grow No matter what my love is stuck on this slippry  slope Please hold the rope back to your heart as im  preying mine wont  stop Our love is here no where to steer away from this love connection Please hold my hand and hold it tight crisscross our fingers to know its right lean in to kiss my mustache face and beg me to tell you I love you Our souls are one our lives are two stuck together like crazy glue Love rockets here and mortors there blowing up as I say this prayer I love you I love you I love you  Accept my sins for who I am but love me for who im not The winter comes and chills the heart  I love u for who your not Kiss me once and grab my heart or ill be dead left to rot Im sickened by this love connection I only see love deception Wish me away  so I can see the power of  love connection Emotions raged by synthetic potions beggin for a new promotion Love connection long and gone neither you or  I were in the wrong release me from all this rage nothing left to do rape my faith  best thing to do is turn the page Kiss her once turn off the light realize the love wasn’t worth the fight