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Although late response and a Thank you...

12 Years Ago

I'm delighted and excited about your news. I know how exciting it can be just to be considered let alone all the busy things, you're just filled with joy and so you should be. As always I have been a great admirer of everything you have sent my way. I know I was silent for quite some time. Although, I was ill for a long, long time, ... this was a great thing I have been able to print off all these wonderful stories everyone sends and read them as I could. If I couldn't my daughters would do it for me. So I have enjoyed many hours of great writings. I should tell someone this??? I know that know one knows this. I just never thought of it. And how thankful I am. My goodness Brandon it always took you to straighten me out! lol! Well and to tell you the truth, I haven't been able to go to sleep but  it's an early Dr day. Yuck. (I'm doing ok, no worries, adjusting well. It's just a new lifestyle. - but yuck... lol!) Thank you, if it wasn't for the reading, this being my only outside to the world, it would have been pretty hard. Fondly - Judy