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New Supernatural Tales

9 Years Ago

I am posting this thread for everyone to share/advertise their work.

I am 23 and I write for fiction, supernatural and erotica. My audience depends upon my ideas. Obviously no one under 18 is meant to be reading erotica. You can find my stories on my page.

Here's a Link to, "MyStories"

My stories for, teens/young adults are:
It just Takes Time
Reborn - Vampire
Evil Within - Demon and Angels (NONE RELIGIOUS STORY)

My Adult stories are:
You Drive Me Crazy
Work Hard, Play Harder

and  Perfect? (which is set as 18+ but is not erotica)

I've shared mine, whoever else wants to feel free.

Please leave reviews for my stories.

Re: New Supernatural Tales

9 Years Ago

C'mon people show us what you've got.