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Please Pray!

7 Years Ago

Please pray for me, my family and my boyfriend and his family!
Please! Please ! Please! We need all the prayer we can get!

My parents are getting divorced, my dad's health isn't the greatest... My mom is so stressed out and looking for a new job. My boyfriends family isn't treating him the greatest. He's trying to get back into schooll,and get a job. My boyfriends been having asthma attacks lately,.The other day he had a freak out and jumped out of the car... the meds hes on make him surpress his emotions to the extreme,.. so he's way past his breaking point...He's naturally a very open guy and likes to express his feelings but with the medication he's on won't allow him too. it kills him..his mom is refusing to let him off his meds even though it kills him..and if he doesn't take his meds she's threatening to kick him out...His mom only praises and encourages him for he job well done with his emotional and mental state when he is secretly not taking his's tearing him apart he feels like no one understands or appreciates no ones realizing how this is effecting him..because his mom won't take his explaination... she thinks its just a way for him to get off the meds....he's trying to get his consueller to basically spell it out to his mom...but that's been so far unsuccessfull he feels like no one cares... like the people that say they'll be there for him,when he asks for help theyre never there...only me and a few others...hes afraid his mom will send him back to the pysc ward...

My Dad is bothering my mother, and  being a jerk to her. He wants a divorce after being separted for 3 years. He wants to sell our house. He doesn't live with us. My parents are separated(for 3 years now).Dad doesn't live with us.Dad wants to sell MY house.The only house that I've ever lived in because his name is on the deed to my house and he'd get half the profit,and he's in debt and needs money asap!

Schools been really stressful between friends, school work and drama. I am questioner the friendship with A long time friend of mine .It's really hard trying to decide this with everything going on...

I have scoliosis, and I am going to be given my scoliosis surgery date soon (through a phone call). I am so scared, terrified,worried...

I am under so much stress right now...its effecting my health,eating habits (which normally I'm a big eater,lately not so much), school attendance and sleep

There's so much going on right now.. I don't know what to do..Please pray for me, my family, my boyfriend and his family...

Thank you..

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