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You probably don't know Nora personally, but I do. My name is Abbey, I am Nora's best friend. We used to do everything together, that is, until she got sick. I mean, really sick. Her average daily temperature is around 101-102. There are days when she can't go 5 min without vomiting. She often gets nauseus and faints, sometimes losing her memory. But what's
really scary is when her heartbeat slows down. Way down. And on top of all of this, she has a dad who is a drunk.
Anyway, Nora is an author, too, so i thought I would make this group for her. To support her through these hard times.

NOTE: Nora doesn't really like too much sympathy because she doesn't like being treated like a baby. So if you want to say comforting things or anyhting, go for something like "I'm praying for you," or just a simple "get well soon" and try to avoid the "I wish I could take your pain upon myself" or anything that makes her feel helpless.

Okay, so everyday I'll open a forum where you guys are allowed to post whatever you want as long as it's not mean or profane. Most of the time (but not always) I'll start the forum by posting Nora's Health Report for that day. You are welcome to comment and support however you want.
Also, you are allowed to post pieces of writing on here that you think Nora would enjoy. And if you really want to support her, go to and read her work! Have fun!

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