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23 January 2013 My pledge to make a difference

8 Years Ago

Ever since hearing of Nora's disease and that there's no cure, everything seems so meaningless and unimportant. I feel like I'm disrespecting her by living my life while she's going through all this pain. I wish there was more to do to help. So I've made up my mind. A few months ago, I made and sold bracelets to earn money to go on a mission trip with my church. I've decided I'll start that up again, only this time I will raise money to donate to Mayo Clinic for researching cures and treatments for POTS. While I'm at it, I'm going to start a campaign to raise awareness for POTS. No doctor in our state was able to diagnose Nora, only Mayo Clinic was. After doing some research on POTS, the only clinic that seemed to treat it was Mayo. Maybe if we raised awareness of POTS, we would be able to help more people with this disease so that they won't have to travel all the way to the nearest Mayo to even get diagnosed. I hope you all will join me in raising awareness in your areas of the world. Together we might be able to make a difference.