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Writers Block

12 Years Ago

bored and trying to write feel free to jump in, maybe even make this a group effort?

What do you do?

What do you do, when the darkness slips her hands around your waist, and pulls the words, from your lips?

what do you do when she takes it away from you? and you struggle to write an email?
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12 Years Ago

Ah yes, the dreaded writers block... I swear, it needs to be made an actual medical illness :)


Everyone has different ways of being inspired, so I'd say just find ways that can relate to the things you like to write about, or the things you write best. For me, I like to people watch or just sit out in nature alone. Sometimes I can get ideas from dreams. I know people who like to listen to music to be inspired, but I personally have a hard time doing that... I always tend to come up with something that sounds too much like the song and not quite what I wanted to get out.


Whatever works for you, and sometimes all you need to do is walk away from it and let it come to you on it's own. Sometimes writers block is your brains way of saying "screw it, I'm tired, I'm taking a break from this." Try some of your own methods and good luck. Sorry this reply is kinda late, but better late than never!


~Arlena Doushon