THAWC (The Highly Active Writing Committee)


So have you ever wanted a group where you can post your writing and get reviews right away? A lot of groups take forever to reply when you post something. This club is about getting the responses you need and disciplining yourself as a writer and reviewer. If you aren't active at all and just dilly dally on this site once in a while- then don't even bother joining this group. If you are willing to review at least one piece of writing a day, then we will keep you as a member. Otherwise, well, Later Alligator.

1. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE. As a member of this group, you must come on here every day and review at least one piece of writing.
2. For every piece of writing you post, you must critique at least 2 pieces of writing. I will only approve your piece of writing to be posted if you follow this rule.
3. No inappropriate language. BUT if your writing has something than it must have a warning in the title. Other than this exception no inappropriate language in already made forums.
4. If you disobey one of these rules more than once, like I said before, Later Alligator!

Note: this group can have ANY writing. I know it says "fiction" but just ignore that and post whatever it is you've got; essays, poetry, stories, chapters, whatever.

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