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Thought Provoking Question #1

9 Years Ago

What inspires you? 
What inspires you in general and what inspires you to write?
What was your inspiration that drove you to write one of your current works?
Where do you think inspires you the most?

I'm inspired by many things, many of which I don't even keep track of. Sometimes I'm just so deep in thought, so I twist it around to make it a story. Sometimes I ramble out loud to myself and I just think of something. Because I believe the strongest sources of inspiration can only come within us. When we find our experiences, thoughts, wonders are dying to come on paper, we know that our writers instinct has kicked in.  Once in a while music, movies, books, poems, and even drawings inspire me. I consider these conventional sources of inspiration. Some people use these all the time but I feel that a single book can't inspire you to write something if it doesn't touch our writer instinct the same way our experiences do. You know what I mean? I hope this made sense haha. 

Re: Thought Provoking Question #1

8 Years Ago

I am inspired by many things. Mostly, I am inspired when I read something I have already written. I have a story that I wrote in the 7th grade, and each year I re-read it, sometimes even re-write it, and something new comes about. I often get ideas for whatever Im reading when Im terribly busy; such as working, in school, etc.   My inspiration for my first work, and my ever-lasting one at that, was school, and a book; Vampire Diaries.