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Writers block tips and Ideas

10 Years Ago

1) Set a writing schedule. Carving out a specific time everyday and setting it aside for nothing but writing (and things that pertain to your writing).
2.) Don't take it so seriously. Just let the brain flow in a fun natural way and forget everything else. 
3.) That being said you need to think of it as a job however, even if it isn't you main bread bringing job. Because studies show thinking of it like that will make you more apt to do it.
4.) Go outside, play, talk to friends and unwind. Inspiration is usually found when someone isn't looking for it. 
5.) Set deadlines and keep them. Make personal promises (Within reason, and appropriate time) and keep them.
6.) Analyze what could be causing your writers block. Stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, worrying about the project not getting finished, family issues. Whatever it is do your best to fix it and move on...knowing you did all you could. 
7.)  Work on more than one project at a time. Some writers find it refreshing to work on more than one piece, bouncing back and forth when the block hits. 
8.) Try some writing exercises...yeah like the good old days. Sometimes these can loosing you up enough to write things you normally wouldn't and get your creative juices flowing. 
-Courtesy of ME. Good Luck everyone!