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Top 10

12 Years Ago

Well I was talking to Toxic and we decided we needed a new forum. We want to find out more about people. So this thread is where you can post the top ten things you like.


There is a list of things and you can just post your answers. Like a survey.


1.       Fave colour (color)

2.       Fave clothing item

3.       Fave food

4.       Fave number

5.       Fave day

6.       Fave author

7.       Fave book

8.       Fave country

9.       Fave song

10.   Fave movie



So come on :D Get involved and have some fun. Chat between yourselves if you have a common intrest.

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12 Years Ago

Well here is mine :D



1.       Fave colour (color) – Black and purple

2.       Fave clothing item – Jeans and hooded jackets

3.       Fave food – Strawberry yogurt  

4.       Fave number - 17

5.       Fave day - Friday

6.       Fave author – Edgar Allen Poe, Sylvia Plath... so many more :D

7.       Fave book – Twilight series, Maximum Ride series, Tomorrow series ... so many more :D

8.       Fave country – I wanna go to Greece. But I love Australia

9.       Fave song -  Numb by Linkin Park

10.   Fave movie – Thirteen, Twilight, Hancock, The Wedding Singer... So many more :D


Your turn :D Tell me what you love :D

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12 Years Ago

1.       Fave colour (color)- red and black, sorry couldn't chose both so awsome.

2.       Fave clothing item- black jeans ,red hoody

3.       Fave food- beef patties

4.       Fave number- 7

5.       Fave day- friday

6.       Fave author- dont really have a favorite so many are good.

7.       Fave book-harry potter, twilight, Zenmachata

8.       Fave country- japan

9.       Fave song- down (  jay sean, lil wayne)

10.   Fave movie- transformers revenge of the fallen.

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12 Years Ago

Well this is me.

1. Fave color- Red, black, and purple. 
2. Fave clothing item- Shoes! and hoddies.
3. Fave food- Chocolate (and i am not fat!)
4. Fave number- 7
5. Fave day- Saturday! No school!
6. Fave author- Brewer, P.C. Cast, Alyson Noel, and a lot more..
7. Fave book- House Of night , Harry potter, Twilight, Night World, and Vladimer Tod.And Dracula :F
8. Fave country- Poland and japan
9. Fave song- Dead in the water : Hawthorne Heights
10. Fave movie- Don't have one :P

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12 Years Ago

1.       Fave colour - blue and purple

2.       Fave clothing item - jeans

3.       Fave food - ramen

4.       Fave number - 9

5.       Fave day - Sunday

6.       Fave author - Hino Matursi, Stepehenie Meyer, J.R.R. tolkien

7.       Fave book - I dunno

8.       Fave country - Japan or America

9.       Fave song - holiday - greenday or rondo - on/off

10.   Fave movie - don't have one


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12 Years Ago

*i love surverys! lol* well here is mine

1. Fave color-baby blue                                                                                                    2. Fave clothing item- hoodies skinny jeans and cute t-shirts
3. Fave food- sushi!!!
4. Fave number- 12
5. Fave day- friday and saturday
6. Fave author- hmmm idk
7. Fave book- twilight and the sagas*but i dont rlly like the movie!*                                    8. Fave country- idk....mexico, and armenia!*i'm armenian*                                              9. Fave song- Careless Whisper- by Alex Gaskarth(of all time low), Juliet Simms, and   3oh!3
10. Fave movie- dont got one..srry!

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12 Years Ago

1.       Fave colour (color)- Black, Purple and Red ( I can't choose one.. I love them all)

2.       Fave clothing item- Nothing particular.. I like to dress in t-shirts and jeans :)

3.       Fave food- Chocolates

4.       Fave number- No particular no. I'll go with 6 though because it's my numerological no.

5.       Fave day- Friday, Saturady!

6.       Fave author- Dan Brown, Stephenie meyer, Paulo Coelho

7.       Fave book- The Alchemist, Twilight Saga, Eragon, The Da Vinci Code

8.       Fave country- India.. I love my India... I like Germany too... because I'm learning german .. :P        

9.       Fave song- Many... current favourite- Unstoppable- Kat Deluna...

10.   Fave movie- Many again... most of the Indian bollywood films, many of you may not have heard of them!


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11 Years Ago

1.       Fave colour (color)--Purple

2.       Fave clothing item---Jeans, Uggs and a hoodie

3.       Fave food---French Fries, Pizza, tacos, chicken parm(I love to eat)

4.       Fave number---35

5.       Fave day---Sunday (My only day off)

6.       Fave author- Stephanie Meyer, James Patterson, Kelley Armstrong, Sarah Deesen, Nicholas Sparks, (I can't name just one)

7.       Fave book-The Twilight Saga (Only books I ever read more then once)

8.       Fave country-I would love to visit Italy

9.       Fave song--Airboure Toxic Event (Sometime around Midnight)

10.   Fave movie--Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, Twilight (There are so many more)

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11 Years Ago

1. Blue and orange
2. Dock martens
3. tacos
4. 42
5. Snow days!
6. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
7. Hawk Song
8. Scotland
9. You by evanescence
10. Lion King / Free Willy

Re: Top 10

11 Years Ago

1.       Fave colour (color): Black, red or blue
2.       Fave clothing item: My skinny jeans, vans and a hot topic t-shirt
3.       Fave food: italian food is the bomb
4.       Fave number: 23 its my volleyball #
5.       Fave day: my birthday
6.       Fave author: stephanie meyers, stephen king, and Ellen Hopkins
7.       Fave book: new moon, cry of the icemark, it, and so many more
8.       Fave country: italy
9.       Fave song: right now its new tattoo by saving abel
10.   Fave movie: twilight, it, new moon, madea movies, and so many more

Re: Top 10

11 Years Ago

sorry if this looks weird, but every time I type on the threads it doesn't come out right. I seperated everything with semicolons so you won't get confused :]   Mine are:   1. Fave color: purple; 2. Fave clothing item: skinny jeans, converse sneakers; 3. Fave food: pizza; 4. Fave number: 13; 5. Fave day: Friday; 6. Fave author: Sarah Dessen; 7. Fave book: none; 8. Fave country: England, France, Germany, Japan, China; 9. Fave song: "American Idiot" by Green Day; 10. Fave movie: "Kung Fu Panda"

Re: Top 10

11 Years Ago

1.       Fave colour (color)- blue, green, black 2.       Fave clothing item- skinnys, converse 3.       Fave food- spaghetti, chocolate 4.       Fave number- 2 5.       Fave day- Friday, Freedom at last! 6.       Fave author- N/A 7.       Fave book- Inheritance Cycle 8.       Fave country-Ireland 9.       Fave song-Welcome home by coheed and cambria 10.     Fave movie- War of the worlds (the new-ish one)

Re: Top 10

11 Years Ago

1. Dark Blue
2: My Quebec City sweatshirt
3: crackers with cheese spread
4: 7
5: of the week? Saturday  of the year? Halloween!!!
6: Jane Austen and Kelley Armstrong
7: Pride and Prejudice and The Summoning (Darkest Powers Series)
8: Canada!!
9: Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
10: Quantum of Solace (James Bond)

Re: Top 10

11 Years Ago

1.       Fave colour (color): Blue, black
2.       Fave clothing item: Denim, hoodies
3.       Fave food: Um. Anything? As long as it's edible and delicious
4.       Fave number: 4
5.       Fave day: When it rains!
6.       Fave author: Stephen King, Kathy Reichs, Goethe, Christopher Paolini, Edgar Allen Poe......you get the stream
7.       Fave book: The Inheritance Cycle, Bartimaeus Trilogy, Percy Jackson, Desperation.....on and on
8.       Fave country: Greece, Spain, Italy
9.       Fave song: Oh, it changes everyday. Today? Sugar we're going down (Fall out boys), Rock that body (Black eyed peas)
10.   Fave movie: Hangover, Transformers, Twilight Saga (well whatever's released so far) and so much more

Re: Top 10

10 Years Ago

YAY!  :D

1.       Fave colour (color) - Green, most shades
2.       Fave clothing item - North face Venture Jacket (I wear it with everything)
3.       Fave food - Pasta salad!
4.       Fave number - 46!
5.       Fave day - Wednesday
6.       Fave author - I dunno...  Isaac Asimov?
7.       Fave book - HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PICK!?!  XD  Umm...  Ender's Game?  (Orson Scott Card)
8.       Fave country - AMERICA!  X'D
9.       Fave song - You always make me smile - Kyle Andrews
10.   Fave movie - Star Trek XI