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Expect the Weird

8 Years Ago

How do you start your first forum post?  This is my first group and I'm all for that.  Try different things yes?  Well that's going to happen here.  Let the weirdness of our lives turn into intriguing stories.  We are all storytellers.  From cavemen spouting gibberish to humans today spouting even stranger gibberish- the art of the story has lived strong.

As teenagers we are told many stories of the past- often with rolled eyes at drab old voices.  Unfortunately as we grow older, our ability to stop and listen to another human's voice is rapidly depleting.  So in this whole scheme of things, we will help others to experience what it's like.  Adults, it's time for the teenagers to do what we do best- tell stories.

Myths for example, are created to explain our world.  Tell any story with some exaggeration and a myth will be born.  Are you up for the challenge? 

P.S.- It would be nice for a few adults to join in the fun too, we all know everyone needs it!

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