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Tick, Tick, Tick, Speak!

8 Years Ago

Well now I finally have free time on my hands, let's introduce ourselves.  I'm a senior stuck in high school- mercifully- for only two more weeks.  Living with four pets- three cats and a dog- can be quite difficult sometimes.  You how much sleep I lose every night because of them?  Anyways, writing was actually most hated method of communication.  

Reading was also vile.  Until I wrote a poem that was considered 'great' by my eighth grade English class.  Henceforth a writer was spawned; three years later.  Werewolves plagued my pen until the first official and full story I wrote was featured.  Atrocity.

I was searching cool Native American myths and caught sight of this horrific beast.  So you know what I had to do to face my fears?  Write about it! 

So how did everyone else here start their writing paths?

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