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That's Up For Debate : Forum : The Rules

The Rules

12 Years Ago

Since this is a work in progress, the rules will be a bit fluid. But I will do my best to set them fairly and right up front.


1. Play Nice. Any personal attacks will be dealt with harshly.


2. If you want a debate, post a thread with a statement of debate and a deadline for essays to be submitted. A statement of debate is not "I want to debate abortion" you must make a clear concise statement and form your debate around that topic. A statement of debate regarding abortion might be "Abortion should be legal and accessible to all women." or "Abortion should be outlawed." Your Statement of debate should state your position on that issue.


3. When someone accepts your challenge, you each write essays supporting your respective positions.


4. When both sides are done and have posted their debates, I shall start a contest which will consist of the two essays. Voters will decide the winners and I hope to be able to keep standings. I will post a "Debate" story with links to each side of the issue and to the contest page. Readers will read each essay and then go to the contest to vote.


5 . Votes should be cast on who made a better argument. You might not be convinced of their point of view. But if, in your opinion, they argued their point more effectively, you should vote for them.


6. I cannot state in strong enough terms ... be nice.