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Debate Ideas

12 Years Ago

Some Ideas to exercise your debate muscles. There are the old standbys:



Capital Punishment


Or you could go more current with:


Immigration Policy

U.S. Middle East Policy

[no subject]

12 Years Ago

Another debate idea:

There is a big push to eliminate global poverty. One of the more recent ideas is micro-credit, which earned a micro-credit pioneer (Muhammad Yunas) a Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Yunas believes that micro-credit can work anywhere (third-world and urban areas) and giving credit to the poor will pull them out of poverty.

Do you agree with this? Would it work in New York, Detroit, New Orleans? Should we eliminate poverty in the first place? Can micro-credit loans achieve such a feat?

[no subject]

12 Years Ago

What about:

Education reforms

Gay rights

Religion in the goverment

Our involvement in foreign country's affairs

Should we teach inteligent design in schools?

[no subject]

12 Years Ago

what about:

*skinny models (should they be banned?)

*The writers strike (what rights do they deserve?)

*whaling (can we ban Japan?)


[no subject]

12 Years Ago

1)Yes Skinny models should be banned since the majority of people who would buy the clothes the designers are making don't fit into a size 1

2)The writers deserve more than what they're given for writing the material they write and doing on the modest sallaries they do it on.

3)We ban japan and we lose out on a huge market that has given us alot of the major products they provide effectively crippling ourselves

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