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The Project explanation.

11 Years Ago


The Archeology of Inspiration

An Archaeology of Instances


It is my belief that the finished literary artifact this Pilot project will create will far exceed everyone’s expectations and become an integral part of the larger project I’m undertaking.

 I’m encouraging Artist's to consider experimental Collaborative Art, of a slightly different kind, to establish an Art Instillation that unifies the Arts communities, initially, and promotes each medium as well as how inspiration as a tool, can counteract negative, destructive change. Unifying communities on such a fundamental level is the only way to tackle factionalism, the main course of isolation and extremism.

The Competition:

The competition linked below is designed to establish the Artifact we start collaborating on. It is also to determine the writers eligible to contribute to the Anthology:

Founding The Object (The Archeology Of Inspiration).

Pitch your ideas, themes or thoughts! They could be the bases for up to twenty new compositions. 

The 20 winning submissions will form a short list for the final, ultimate winner, which will be decided by a team of resident Artists and supporters. That will then be the piece of writing that begins the described process and will ultimately support the positive effects of collaborative relationships. Let me explain in really simple terms.

The Winning work will be loaned to writer number 1

Writer number 1 will write something new and give it to writer number 2.

Writer number 2 will write something new and give it to writer number 3, and so on.


The Outcome:

If we manage to get a successful pilot up and running on-line, an Anthology of work will be published in my local town (1 copy), but not for sale, only for exhibiting. It will serve as an artifact that transcends us and promotes the concept of the project. If the Pilot project succeeds, we will establish an exhibition of Art work and this Anthology will play a central role. All contributors will be credited.

 So, all those writers in the book (The Anthology and the boigraphy) will receive something, eventually, in terms of recognition and publicity in a small English town going mad for Art. And they will encourage and inspire a larger scale project using all Artistic mediums, and hopefully enjoy themselves along the way.

I look forward to our discussions and the work that we produce together. Also, if you have any comments about the clarity of my vision, for example, what on Earth I'm banging on about, please let me know in the review section of this page, and I'll do my best to resolve them.





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