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UNFINISHED (work in progress) update 1 07/12

13 Years Ago

UNFINISHED (work in progress)

i favour our lives to prayer
to ease resistance designed to cease breathing
"please forgive me",
assuring i lye found bound to imply
you're not forgotton

2007 Orlando Geronimo Gonzales III

The above is to close the 3rd installment of poetry from my current collection.
I intend to complete this installment with a desperate and lengthy cry for all that the installment covers ... this (temporarily unfinished) piece.
The installment of poetry this piece will complete, though seemingly slight and sparce (compared to the other installments), has been the most difficult and heartbreaking to create. It's shadows of regret, impatience, loss, betrayal, and misunderstanding are blacker than my usual moody shades of gray my work displays. Perhaps I am worn and am simply tired of my life and love(s) as it and they are now. Hopefully my exhaustion will bring upon a lighter optimistic approach to any future collections.
Of course ... I'm doubtful (i'm far too self absorbed and dramatic to utilize pretty shades of pink ... hahah).
I do hope you've enjoyed my work so far and will enjoy this piece as it evolves.
May your own work be displayed in every pretty shade you prefer.