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Hi there!

14 Years Ago

Hi There!

I'm Dave... (Otherwise known as "That English Guy.") I've just joined the group by invitation from "You just never know." So far, I've only posted poetry on the site, but have a completed 400,000 word Epic Fantasy Trilogy in the bag; the first book of which, is at the publishers, being sorted, as we speak.
As to whether it sees the light of day, however; is another story! I am half-way through the fourth book which is a follow-on to the Trilogy. I'll post some sections to let you judge whether it's up to scratch. It is titled "The Vanavara Protocol;" and is set in pre-war Germany and Russia.

'Bye for now,

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14 Years Ago

Hi Dave, nice to meet you. :)  Good luck with having your book published.

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