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Gratuitous Comments

12 Years Ago

There's been some sharp remarks on gratuitous comments and I thought I'll bring a perspective to the issue. Firstly, it is an important encouragement for the young people who are only now starting to express themselves. Poetry comes from a difficult place where, knowing is not only in the form of knowledge but is mixed with passion as a tool of social cohesion. As against this are the voices of rationality who seek objectivity in the expressions of their thoughts. Surely a balance can be found. Secondly, the issue of a young person's ' wanderings ' are often in relation to the lost image of the mother, as they forge forward in an extension of the family experience in the world. It is a new and sometimes, anxious experience. Some understanding can be shown. Finally, the rational adult may be interested to know that there is much in the way of childhood ' wanderings ' that they themselves are seeking to reconnect with. Here's a golden opportunity. In guiding others, we learn ourselves.