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Creativity - First Principles

12 Years Ago

From our conversation with Tate ( Hickory) Morgan   The implied sense of suffering in the cultivation of creativity is a significant feature of its experience. In studies of dementia, scientist have recorded a very, very powerful drive to live in their minds, that comes to combine itself with a socially graceful presentation of its needs. It is like a radar, an antenna or quicksilver in the way that it identifies opportunities for its own creative development. In that, it can't be very different from the evolutionary impulse itself, the way in which it adapts and guides itself to handling issues, that are bigger than itself. Its goal is certainly perfection.   Tate appears to have faced challenges early in youth and today they form a powerful impetus for his endearment to life. With a mix of good looks, communication, passion and the love for others, there is no telling where it may lead him to. Important lessons for the membership. We welcome views.