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Writing A 5 Liner

12 Years Ago

It can be intimidating having to express your feelings about someone, or an event that you're passionate about in 5 lines. What happens when you finally put pen to paper is your feelings will break through the 5 lines borders into 6 or even 10 lines. When this happens simply sit back and look over the poem, taking out words and sentences that merely embellish rather than make the your feelings clear.

As you do this, your feelings will struggle to break down the 5 lines fence you've built to hold them in. If you find you're getting nowhere, take a short nap. With your mind refreshed by the short break, you will find words and sentences that can be dropped and not missed. Before long you will notice your feelings reshaping into the 5 lines borders, as though from birth was a 5 liner poem. Don't aim at writing a perfect poem; aim at expressing how you feel well. For inspiration or perspiration, whichever helps, read my 5 liner:

Poems Of The Gods
People say my poems are skeletons,
With no meat to feed the mind.
By gods are 5 liners written;
I'm only human trying to do what
Only the gods do best.