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A Freestyle Poem

12 Years Ago

It's less now than in the past when people literally run away from writing poems. You had to stick to the rules. A poem without rhymes, holy George! that's not a poem. It's prose written in verse. A poem without meters, couldn't be a poem. What about a poem without a distinctive diction? You don't have what it takes to be a poet; don't waste your time.

With the passage of time though, these strictures and restrictions are falling by the wayside. You can now write a poem, and don't have to worry about whether it rhymes or not; whether it has meters or not; and whether it has a distinctive diction or not; so long as it expresses clear and to the fullest, your feelings or thoughts.

When I'm writing a poem, I'm focused on how best to put my feelings or thoughts on paper, or to be current, on screen. When I'm done, then I look over the poem to see if I can make some words rhyme, put a meter here or there, or up the language a bit. If I can't, I stop trying and called the poem a "free style poem". So I wrote "a freestyler".

A Freestyler
These hoops and hurdles;
Just to express how I feel?