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11 Years Ago

In the words of the great Billy Joel, "It's such a lonely word"... This is my explanation for any reviews I write to you guys: I always try to endevour to leave constructive thoughts. If I don't particularly like a piece or it doesn't click with me, I probably won't say anything. What I won't do is leave hollow thoughts under your work. If I see something worth saying, I'll tell you. I do not like to be critical of people's writing - and in truth find it very hard myself - but there's no point having a medium like this if we're all going to be nice to each other without telling the truth.  I believe that any criticisms I offer are because I see worth in the piece or the author and that my opinion might help. Let me know if I'm wrong. What I find difficult with this community, is that I see overwhelmingly positive reviews to pieces that sometimes don't deserve it - harsh, but true. I don't think that does any of us any favours.  If you would like me to read something, please let me know and I promise I'll be honest and respectful. If I write "beautiful" or "lovely" or "moving" or one of the many single-word praises we often give here - it's because that's what I feel and I'm being honest with you. If I write more, I am being honest too. If I don't write - forgive me, sometimes I just don't have anything to say. It doesn't indicate that I haven't liked the piece! BUT I promise, I'll never write any praise that doesn't reflect the truth! Thanks for listening/reading.