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Collaboration ideas

11 Years Ago

To all who are interested, I have a few ideas that I can see about 20% through at the moment.  Perhaps one day they can become full-fledged ideas.

1) Project 491 - A G-man kidnaps the heiress to a technology company, on the government's orders to steal plans for futuristic weapons (50% developed) 

2) Days of Aether - For millenia, people have thought that magic existed.  When a science experiment at CERN goes horribly wrong, the Dream Walkers, three gods that existed before existence come down to Earth, followed by magic.  When Lucius is given the ability to alter matter, will the world end or begin anew? (75% developed)

3) The Industrial Park - The Elk Grove Industrial Park is the largest business park in North America.  By day, thousands of transactions control the world economy, while at night, local gangs fight to assume control of the scraps.  When Josh is initiated into the world of the Yakuza, he finds that dirty business runs deep.

4) Til Death Do Us Part - For seven days and seven nights, the Angel of Death is made human after questioning his purpose.  In the meantime, no one can die, evoking war, slavery and depravity.  Will Azrin go back, or stay?

5) Cycling Away - Boy meets girl, falls in love with girl, boy and girl want to run away but are held back by family, friends and society.  So what do boy and girl do?  Go out Bonnie and Clyde style!

6) Duality - Ephraim Gutherz is an FBI agent who for years has been studying the sociopathic mind.  When a new string of murders happens throughout the US, many people believe it is the work of one man; he believes it is a group of sociopaths who learn the tricks of the trade from the Teacher.  How long until Ephraim becomes a student?

If you are interested, message me and hopefully we can get started on a collaboration!