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8 Years Ago

Hello! My name's 'Nette. I've been writing for about six years but four of those years have been spent writing collaborative fiction...except I call it roleplaying. Most of my writing would fall into the epic/high fantasy genre. I think one of my favorite aspects of writing is the process of world-building; creating a world and inhabitants to populate it, each of whom have their own lore, culture, religions, etc. I have shared one of my worlds with a freeform roleplay forum called Valucre. There, my world is but one of four continents, although the lore has remained the same. This pleases me greatly because I am able to share Iselyr with others who enjoy epic/high fantasy genre, as well. Not only am I able to write with others and create mini-stories within the lands of Iselyr, but I can read stories created by others who have used the lore that I created. It truly is a fascinating process.