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Joke: The Suicidal Builders

15 Years Ago

Paddy, Jimmy and Jack were on the building site, twenty stories up. It was lunchtime, and they opened their lunchboxes to find sandwiches of jam for Paddy, cheese for Jimmy and mustard and cabbage sandwiches for Jack.

Solmnly, Paddy declares if he gets the same he'll throw himslef off the building next day as life is too damn short to live on Jm sandwiches, and the others decree they'll do the same if their luches are the same.

The next day comes round, its kluchtime, and lo and behold, its the Jam sandwiches, so without further ado, from the very top of the scaffolding, down goes Paddy 15 stories, until SPLAT!!! - hes dead on the pavement below.

And likewise with his two friends.

The wodows had a joint funeral, and were beside themselves as well as each other.

Mrs Paddy says: "If I'd known he hated Jam sandwiches so much, Id have made him others"

Mrs Jim says the same.

A very puzzled loojking Mrs Jack says " I dont understand it at all at all at all. The silly eejit always made his own sandwiches!!!"