The Conspirators


A league of aspiring authors attempting to share, expand, and overall strengthen their skill with prose. The writing submitted must be fictional and preferably in the story-telling format (as opposed to poetry). A review gifted should be paid with one back. And the main purpose is to exchange knowledge, constructively criticize, grow, and share the fantasies of the mind with at least some small community in the world. All members should give at least one review a week. Respect should also be given. Sometimes, forums will be posted with certain prompts so as to see how different authors may take the same concept in different directions. Anyone within the group can post these. And, of course, they do not need to be completed. Finally, writing submitted under the “Writing” file will be prioritized for reviews. This is an exclusive group, and no one may be admitted without the consent of the group’s vote. A limit to the number of members will be set to seven until further notice.

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