The Dark Corners of the Creative Mind


The human mind is a magical and mystifying entity... It is the source of all of our creative endeavors, our fiercest emotions... Perhaps, even, the source of our very being. But for us writers, it is something far more... A gateway. A portal into other worlds, enabling us to pour out our raw feelings and emotions onto a blank canvas and create our own worlds. And for some of us, those worlds are realms of terror and fright, black places situated within the bleakest crevices of the mortal imagination.
Give me you your monsters. Give me tour ghosts. Give me your werewolves, your vampires, your things that go bumP in the night. Give me your horror.

Anyways, as you probably grasped from the intro, this is a group for those who enjoy readIng and writing horror and other dark literature. While this group is primarily meant for those who wish to instill fear in the hearts of their readers, dark fantasy and science fiction are just as welcome. I promise to read and review everything submitted, and I will do my best to provide a friendly atmosphere where no one has to be afraid to be themselves. If you need anything, drop me a message- I'm always happy to hear what you think.
Well, that's about it for now. Get writing, and have fun!~ Christian Thompson, the Lord of Absolutely Nothing

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