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Honest Opinion

12 Years Ago

Yo, Ryan here~

Ok, so, I just want to hear what you have to say about Bloodlust so far. I don't want "good job" I want to hear what you think my strengths and weaknesses are...I'm fairly certain my weekpoints outweight my strong ones, but a guy can hope can't he? Haha...anyways, thank you all for reading as much of Bloodlust as you already have, I hope you continue to show interest in my writing :)

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12 Years Ago

your very good at descrpition and dialouge. I can actually see what Cody's doing and what happening to him. Also i wouldn't say you have weakness but amybe a few grammer problems like everyone else. I would say also you would make a FORTUNE if you published the book i would so bye it even though i read it on here lol. You keep people wondering whats going to happen and sometimes you give us horrbile cliff hangers horrible as like the cliff hangers make us impatient lol. Well thats all i got to say can't wait for chapter 14 is it chapter 14 or 13 oh well keep writing