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The Guild Of Madness : Forum : What makes it a poem?

What makes it a poem?

12 Years Ago

Someone can paint a canvas red and call it 'art'.
I can flick through my dictionary and pick a series of words and call it a 'poem' (which I did in A-Z) and yet find the end result moves me in some way that I can't even begin to understand. Is it that my subconcious, in choosing a series of words, found them to fit the mood I am currently in? Or am I just seeing something that is not there?

What do you think?

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12 Years Ago

as i see it
if you're seeing it
then its there
if you're feeling it
then its there

if someone reads your creation
and they dont see it or feel it

its still there

(how are we ever going to know for sure
whatever we see or feel
someone else will see it or feel it the exact same way anyway?)

thats the beauty of it all

as far as i can see...

(which aint that far actually)

keep on truckin


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12 Years Ago


intuition has no logic
and has no answers
it just



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12 Years Ago

In my opinion poetry is as much about the reader as it is about the writer. Is it so subjective. Poetry is what moves you. Labels can be very frustrating, and limiting.

Write what you need to write, call it what you like. How it affects you, and others, is what is important.

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12 Years Ago