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best inspiration for your lovecraftian writing?

13 Years Ago

I'm going to say that mine may be a great book I just got. I found a 1945 copy of "best supernatural stories of HP Lovecraft" on ebay and got it for about 20 bucks, first print too!

The pages are old, yellow, and it's got that great old book smell. It really gave me a bit of a push in the right direction for the next part of my story "The Abyss Looks Back".

So what inspires you to write good "mythos" style stuff?
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12 Years Ago

Definitely Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror And The Macabre

It was my introduction to Lovecraft and it still stands as my favorite.

Dreams of Terror And Death is also quite good
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Re: best inspiration for your lovecraftian writing?

10 Years Ago

New to this group and never really read in to this genre. I'm going to pick up the above suggested writing from Lovecraft and start there. Anything else?
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Re: best inspiration for your lovecraftian writing?

8 Years Ago

I have started to become a huge fan of Lovecraft to the point I am writing a novel based around the Lovecraft mythos. "The Mountains of Madness" and "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" have been my favorites along with "Dagon" and "The Call of Cthulhu". 

I hope to do as much justice to this amazing mythos as to many others out there.