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11 Years Ago

Someone hands you a box.  They tell you it is something that will help you on lifes journey.  How did you get your box and what was in it when you opened it?
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11 Years Ago

I got my box from an old man on a street corner selling Needful Things.
When I opened my box it had a pocket knife in it. I wondered what it was for and wondered off down the street. I saw the bus coming and went to get step up and the box falls out of my hand. I reach down to pick up the box ,and the buss starts to pull away. The door closes and my tie gets caught in the door. The buss starts to pull me down the street by my tie. I struggle to get lose and barely grasp the box I had got as I fall and start to get dragged down the street. I try and loosen the tie from my neck, but it just wont come undone.......
Then it hits me........The box has a pocket knife in it! I rip open the box and almost drop the pocket knife , but catch it with one hand. I open the pocket knife as the buss almost side swipes a car......woosh I'm still a live. I start cutting the tie and saw through it like butter on a hot summer day. I land on my butt and think to myself " Man what a day, I really should of never left my bed this morning."
I get up and dust myself off and calm my heart rate down and slowly walk back to the street corner where I got my box, to thank the man for saving my life.
When I got there no one could be found???
Now do you think my saved my life or was it just a coincident...........?