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Horror Movies?

17 Years Ago

M. Bored

First - An American Werewolf in London
Age - 3
Impact - Nightmares and a love for them

Scariest - The Excorcist
Age - 8
Impact - Nightmares and a hate for them

Worst - The Wicker Man Remake
Age - Last week
Impact - I'm dumber now and $10 poorer because of it.

Obscure Fave - Dark Shadows
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17 Years Ago

when I was 3 in the philippines my grandfather who lived with us got a copy of the fly the movie and he would watch it obsessively, in his room, which was down a long hallway of the house, decorated in burgandy velour and dark woods. I would forever hear the sounds of screaming and moaning from his tv tho it wasnt really scary, cus afternoons in the philippines are bright and hot and full of bugs.
besides I was always outside the door and couldnt see the screen.
After months an occasion finally occured when I had to bring my grandfather somethin. I knocked, and he answered "come in" and I did, immune to the screaming and the oddness. The room was darkish and grandpa was sitting on a couch in a robe with his feet on an ottoman. He took whatever I had to give him and returned his attention to the screen.
I was going to leave, it smelled icky in there, like old man I suppose but as I turned away I caught sight of the tv where a tall white man was wailing, as a insect beast split his host head open and emerged covered in jelly.
F**k! This is what he watched all day?

I was 3 , but damn, I never looked at gramps the same.
moral of the story, I come from crazy obsessive stock. We are so terrified of bugs { yes its true, im terrified, I get eaten alive, im yummy) that the idea of a fly taking over our bodies can rivet us to the screen like no other.

Yes gramps, sadly, I feel you now.