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The League Of Experimental Writers : Forum : Xecuting Flate-Line

Xecuting Flate-Line

5 Years Ago


   The body thought to be lost at sea suddenly washes up upon the distant shore, with the disease spreading like a herpes sore, Coughing out chunks of blacken lungs, from the cancer that can’t be out run, polluted with antibiotics that became useless, meth-ed and pilled to the point of brain dead and toothless, the irony that brings humanity to its knees is being killed by a simple cough and wheeze, the super infection has attached to the immune system like bloodsucking parasites, to the point of weighting the body down…
Weighted and slowing Down now,
Obese, the beast ate his weight in girth no longer able to travel the earth, giving birth to slave walking zombies as poison drips from their forever thirsting lips, a vampire that plagues its own flesh and replaces its body with plastic mesh of trends that never end, watching a reality that isn’t even real as your told how to talk, walk, and feel, with life being packaged for you in a colorful happy meal, which is always super-sized as you devour the salty lies,
Because here stands almighty man crushing atoms in his hand, only to prove he’s truly damned as he rapes the land and reaps the seeds from a world that bleeds for his needs, the joy of life forgotten like Alzheimers…Alzh..eim...Al, lost in the mind, to be undermine by an easily solved crime with our fingerprints all over the button as it explodes with shrapnel cutting down time in its prime; flawlessly executing flat-line.
by The unknown sith

I put the shotgun barrel in my mouth-she just rolls her eyes “Well I guess you got nothing else to say then do you Robert? Huh? ... Real mature!” she says as she walks away. I take the saliva soaked barrel out of my mouth; guess that didn’t work.