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14 Years Ago

This is the OFFICIAL post for ALL contests. Before I get around to posting wonderful contests, though I want to set some ground rules.

-NO SPAMMING! This means, don't post about your contests (or any contests) more than twice. Also, do not start any other threads for plugging your or anyone else's contests. This is the only thread for that! All spammers will be prosecuted.

-Do not use profane language or vulgar words or anything. Family friendly please.

-Have fun and enter as many contests as you can/want to.


Here are some awesome upcoming contests:

EXPLAIN! 2 [Ends: November 15th, 2007]

A contest by Kristen Haynes


long contest [Ends: October 23rd, 2007]

A contest by Katie


The Rules [Ends: December 1st, 2007]

A contest by Lyra


a PART of our ART [Ends: October 31st, 2007]

A contest by B&M Publications


Creative Are You? [Ends: Novermeber 1st, 2007]

A contest by Claudia Garcia



A contest by Alex Merrill


Best Story You've Ever Written [Ends: September 29th, 2007]

A contest by J. Araujo


Me Published! [Ends: September 29th, 2007]

A contests by J. E. Barry


All Romantics! [Ends: September 29th, 2007]

A contest by Charlotte Marie


[Ends: September 30th, 2007]

A contest by Sid!


[Ends: September 28th, 2007]

A contest by Sarah Lee Jones


Who You Are [Ends: October 31st, 2007] *Must be a member of Poetic Infusion Society to join!*

A contest by Legacy


Me Cry :,( [Ends: October 15, 2007]

A contest by Virginia L. Wyatt


of the Misplace (II) [Ends: October 12th, 2007]

A contest by Stacy Foster


Fiction [Ends: September 30th, 2007]

A contest by Sara Rose


**I'll get on and post more later. In the mean time, enjoy these contests!

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14 Years Ago

another one I just created

(Jack Kerouac inspiration contest)

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14 Years Ago

October 30th, 2007]

A contest by Clare Ashbury


**I this contest, the writer is asked to rewrite a childhood (or current) favorite story and change whatever you feel should be changed or is required to be changed in order to creat a more adult or mature story. This, from what I understand, does not necessarily mean an erotic story. HAVE FUN, Y'ALL!

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14 Years Ago

Five Contesty Contests of the Day- October 1st, 2007


Spooky Hallows Eve October 21st, 2007. You have 20 days] Each contestant can submit 3 pieces, stories or poems, of any genres.

Description: *Write a story or poem about a spooky Halloween Eve! Members will vote!*

A contest by William Boyack


The Pain Is How We Say "I love you" be a member of the A MORE COMPLICATED LOVE group.% [Ends: October 6th, 2007. You have 5 days.] Each contestant can submit 3 piece, stories or poems, of any genres.

Description: *Isn't it ironic how the ones you love the most seem to be the ones who make you cry the most tears? Or how when you say something to try and help a friend, they take it so bad that they always seem to be on edge. Well this contest is for those who understand that sometimes a relationship involve pain and angst... oh how I love angst... but it does not need to be all about the angst but it must be somewhat about love towards a person or well anything with a pulse will do.
p.s. only group members can join this contest but anyone can join the group!!!*

A contest by Sabrina Daley


Japanese Free For All October 15th, 2007. You have 14 days] Each contestant can submit 10 poems of any genre.

Description: *I want to see poems in the following formats

--Haiku (either 5 7 5 format or non traditional)
--Tanka (5 7 5 7 7 )
--Naga Uta ( 5 7 5 7 5 5 7 7)
-Or any other Japanese form of poetry is accepted

All topics welcome*

A contest by Katie Ann (the Sun-sorcerer)


Epicness October 25th, 2007. You have 24 days.] Each contestant may submit 2 poems of any genre.

Description: *What ever happened to those wonderous epic poems? I want you to make a poem...that is epic. The most epic of epic poems will win...If you decide to write a poem shorter then epic....I'll be a sad panda.:(*

A contest by Aaron J. Wald


lost in thought November 30th, 2007. You have almost 2 months.] Each contestant can submit 4 pieces, stories or poems, of any genre.

Description: *take a moment and take a thought and try to capture your emotions on it, grasp the physical sensation, and the underlining story behind this thought. i want great imagry andwell written words, so if you feel you can to take me on then send it in...*

A contest by Windstorm Kells


14 Years Ago



Haunted Halloween! %Must be a member of the SCARY STORY WRITERS GROUP%[Ends: October 16th, 2007. You have 15 days.] Each contestant can submit 1 story of the horror genre.

Description: *Write a short story about Halloween Night...the premise is: You and some others get locked in a cemetery overnight. Give us chills! & Nightmares!*

A contest by C.m.v.

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14 Years Ago

what happened to the contest link I posted in here?? it seems to have been deleted!

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14 Years Ago

I deleted your thread and posted your contest link in the main thread.


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14 Years Ago

Contest of the Day- October 20th, 2007

1. Your Own Personal Favorite November 5th, 2007. You have 16 days] Each contest may submit one story or poem of any genre.

*Details: Here's a chance to parade your own personal favorite story or poem. Forget about reviews and what others have told you. This is the one that you love: your favorite.
Please keep stories to about 2000 words. Only one story or poem per person. All the best to YOU!*

A contest by Nuala Molloy Moran

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14 Years Ago

Contest  of the Day- October 21st, 2007

Love Song be a member of "Songwriters Love Music And Writing" group%  [Ends: October 25th, 2007. You have 4 days] Each contestant may submit three poems or stories of any genre.

*Details: "let me hear all of your love songs...anything sad or good it doesn't matter..."*

A contest by Dark Angel

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14 Years Ago

Contest of the DayOctober 22nd, 2007

Poems for chumps  December 23rd, 2007. You have 62 days] Each contestant may submit 10 poems of any genre.

*Details "for poems only, any types!"*

A contest by Adam Selby

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14 Years Ago

Here is my contest!



Sick of Being Sick
Nov 30, 2007 - Dec 7, 2007
Okay, in honor of my being sick, this contest calls for any poems about, well, being sick. You can only enter one poem, so make it a good one! Good luck! [more]

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14 Years Ago

Anything for the year 2008? lol, i haven't heard anything.

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14 Years Ago

last plug for one of my contests for a little while... :) It's called "Linguistics", and it's for people who write poetry or stories in another language. Ends June 21st, 2008. For more details, click the link.


"Dream Drones"... a contest by <Richard> for you to enter your stories or poems about a dream you've had lately. Ends Sept. 1, 2008. Click the link for more details.


"The 'So Many Lemons' Challange"... a contest by <Kate> with certain themes that contestants must incorporate into their pieces for the chance to win publication in the So Many Lemons literary magazine for the Summer 2008 issue. Ends June 30th. More details at the link... :)


I suppose this is all for now. I'll keep you updated throughout the summer [weekly]. Be sure to add your contests to this thread (this includes all the ones you just think are nifty), and check out the ones posted here by ALL the group members. I plan a full-on takeover of all number one spots in EVERY writerscafe contest by OUR members. lol.