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Welcome one and all

14 Years Ago

Welcome friends to the Lycan Clan I am OokamiTenshi I want to begin by thanking you for joining my group here on writers cafe and inform you that I'm not much of one to make contests but if I do I'll let you know of it, I also wish to let you know that any and all forms you write here are welcome.

So please do tell your friends of my group or any that you know I write occationally and normally I'm poetic but I also do give advise to others who need it as well as give inspireing words to others who are in need of a boost if you ever wish for me to view a piece you've written please to tell me and I'll be happy to help you with opinions or ratings.

I will keep in touch as much as I can and repectfully ask that if I do write here that you please read whatever message I leave I really would appreciate your cooperation ofcourse if you don't feel the need to then I cannot force you nor intend to intemidate any to read my messages.

but in anycase I thank you once again and if you have any questions please do write me and I'll be glad to answer any the best I can enjoy your stay and have a wonderful day.