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12 Years Ago

A Gathering of Enemies (This is my second chapter to The Quest of The Sea Goddess or Kerewyn and The Sea Goddess) so please check out the first chapter on my profile.
In snow-capped Klydos Mountains, far to the east of Amarinthia, the capitol of Kalediulion County, Dhagarath Keep rose into the icy blue sky, its twisting obsidian towers piercing the heavens like spears. They glowed blood red in the dying light of the vermillion sun, which was slowly sinking beneath the jagged silhouettes of the mountains on the distant horizon. As the rays of the sun slipped into the violet void of the night sky, it slowly turned to black. The golden stars shone eerily, like the molten eyes of malevolent gods watching over the world of mortals.
As the suffocating velvet blanket of night completed its stranglehold on the heavens and the earth, a crow with equally black feathers soared upwards towards The Keep of The Mountain Warriors. The birds beady eyes shone dully in the stars meager light. The high-pitched wailing of the wind whistled through its feathers, reminding it of scenes of the prisoners who were crucified outside the Keeps walls for daring to resist the oppression of The Mountain Warriors.
Some prisoners were chosen to crucify their own comrades in arms, then were put up on the cross closest to their fellow soldiers. The blood ran in tiny rivulets, staining the ground a deep crimson color. No plants grew on the barren wasteland around the keep. Broken, blackened rocks were strewn about the land, from frequent lightning strikes due to the violent storms that blew in from the northwest. Horror stories of what happened to those captured by the warriors in the keep were told to misbehaving children. Cawing and cackling at the thought, the bird flew in the window The Audience Chamber in the western tower.
The crow alighted on the shoulder of an man who stood drinking his wine from his golden goblet, which was encrusted with sparkling diamonds, emeralds and saphires. The man had long dark, flowing curly hair, deep blue eyes and a muscular body. He towered over his subjects, as if he were their God of War in the flesh. Throwing the goblet aside, the man grinned at the arrival of the bird. The goblet crashed to the floor, spilling the remainder of the wine on the floor. The Khugarians jumped in unison, looking at each other with fear infesting their stares. Seeing this satisfying reaction in his followers, he grinned, which was devoid of mirth or humanity, and sent shivers down the spines of his warriors.
The mountain warriors, or Khugarians, were seated in a semi-circle, awaiting the presence of this bird who now suddenly shape-shifted into the more familiar form of his true being, Zhaladd. He was the High Priest of The Order of The Magus, the most powerful wizard in the known world. He practiced the dark arts of sorcery.
�Ah, Zhaladd, my fine, feathered, friend, why not show your true form, since we all know who you are,� boomed Dhagarath. Snapping his fingers, he motioned for a servant in green livery to clean it up. �Ye there, quit twiddling thy thumbs and get over hear! Make thyself useful for once or I will have thee crucified like the common war prisoners! Be quick, ye miserable scullion boy, or I might think of a worse punishment for thee. Behold, my fellow warriors. For if ye ever think of betraying me or even make the smallest error in my service, I shall have thee skinned alive and left for the vultures! Be forewarned.�
Zhaladd appeared beside him, dressed him in his usual robes of red. They were embroidered with black and silver sigils and astrological symbols. He carried a tall staff, around which a green snake coiled. Atop the staff was a diamond clasped by a carving resembling dragon�s claws. The mountain warriors began whispering in fear, having heard horrifying stories of what powers this wizard commanded with but a wave of his seemingly feeble hands.
The mighty oaken double doors opened as a short, muscular man wearing silver platemail armor strode into the hall. He scratched his dark brown beard abd spit on the floor as he made his entrance. The doors slammed shut behind him, causing the warriors to jump once again. The man wore a golden crown bedecked with emeralds. They shone in the flickering torchlight cast by the torches set in silver sconces around the hall. Grinning, he bowed mockingly and introduced himself.
�My name is Thaddius The Fourth! I was called to attend a meeting here or have I been mislead?�
Dhaagarath glared at him, towering in rage at being mocked by this fool who claimed to be a king. �Yes you have been called here, but not to mock me. Be seated and be silent, or you will suffer my wrath!�
Chuckling to himself, Thaddius bowed again, eyeing Zhaladd with suspicion and sat in the front row on the far right.
�Come, Zhalad. Tell us what you know of this so-called Syren who is supposed to be our doom. I am eager to hear the news. We must act fast to destroy her and any who befriend her, for it is our birthright to rule this world in all our glory! I will not let some sniveling harlot from a fisherman�s village insult us by claiming to have the ability to stop us! Do you hear me, my fellow warriors? Are you ready to destroy her puny village?�
The Khugarians rose, their blood stirred and their yearning to slaughter their enemies surging through their veins. They stomped their feet and bellowed a resounding Yes!, while pounding their shields with their sharp, shining swords. The vast meeting hall echoed with their voices, anbd the pandemonium, which seemed to foretell the doom of the world.
The servant dressed in hastily cleaned up the mess, meanwhile glaring with hatred at his oppressors who had murdered his family while he was asleep. He vowed he would sit back and watch his most hated enemies destroy everything he held dear. His name was Larion. Clenching his fist, he shook it at them one last time, then left the room through the ornately carved oaken doors. He grinned to himself, anticipating the looks on the warriors faces when they found out what he would do to stop them.
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12 Years Ago

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