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17 Years Ago

Everyone Will Fill one of these Out. EVERYONE.

Also. Two things. This is not earth. Earth countries don't exist. Comparable nations and locations are possible... but its not earth.


Nickname or Alias:

Race: Human, Vampire, Lycan, Reptilian, Demon, Angel, or half breeds.

Organization/Kingdom: Who do you belong with, which clan or country are you part of?


Age appears to be:

Style :




Physical Build: (Lean, Heavy Set, Athletic, Muscled)

Dominant Hand: (Can be right, left, or ambidextrous)

Alignment: (Good, Neutral, Evil Paired with Neutral, Lawful or Chaotic i.e Lawful Good or Chaotic Evil)

Weapons: (What kind of weapon or weapons does your character use , if any at all ?)
Armor What kind of aromor does your character wear, if any ? )

Clothing: (What kind of clothing does your character wear if any ?)

Special Abilities: (What makes your character special? There is is a 3 limit to the types of abilities chracters have.)
Skills What can your character do, what does your character know?)
Magic: (What kind of magic does your character use? [Arcane or Divine]?)

Character Persona

Special Features: (Scars, tattoos, markings, wings , etc. )

Personality: (What is your character like? Personable? Quiet? Shy? Loud, always cracking jokes? Leader or follower.)

Background/History: (Where was your character born? How were they Raised? Why are they the way they are now? What drives them to stand on the side that they are on ? Who taught them the skills they have? That sorta stuff.)

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17 Years Ago

Name - Lamia Luna Avaritia

Nickname or Alias - Luna

Race: Vampire

Age - 12,763 -known to be older but only recorded up to this age

Age appears to be - 18

Color - Brunette with natural highlights
Style - Down in curls

Eyes - Genreally hazel but changes with mood, when feeding they become pure black with crimson surrounding them

Height - 5 feet 5 inches

Weight - 135 pounds

Physical Build: A slender body but an athletic ones, muscular, but not overly, keeping an hourglass figure, suductive.

Dominant Hand - Right hand

Alignment - Good

Class Information and Equipment -

Class - Assassin

Weapons - Bows and arrows and fangs, also good with knives

Armor - Morbid breast plate to protect me in close range work, and mythrail (a metal harder then dimonds and lighter than cloth) other than that none to keep me moving fast

Clothing: Simple black pants and a black shirt along with a black cape with an inside lining of crimson red. On my non work days I tend to wear a dress, form fitting, that starts out crimson red and fades into black, spagetti straps with a low back, this matches my wings

Special Abilities: Ambidextrous, I have crimson wings that fade to black and they can be consealed when I'm not using them. I have a deadly accuracy with a bow and arrow and in close combat I move swiftly, I can also deal with the manipulation of energy, as well as Shadow magic

Skills - I have an ability to bluff, I can more swiftly and quietly, if a plan needs to be changed I can do that quickly and efficiantly, I can also memorize things(buildings, information) quickly and accuratly

Character Persona

Special Features - Crimson wings that fade to Black(they can be concealed at will). Also I have scars from old battles.

Personality - I get along well with others I am loyal and enjoy to speak to my friends and I an willing to make new ones as well, but you have to earn my trust. I will be loyal to you until you loose my trust. I tend to be caring but when on a job or if you anger me then you will bare the consiquences. I follow no sterio type I am my own Vampyress. And if you mess with me, beware. In my Spare time I practice my archery. I also play the violin, piano and many more instruments as well as sing.

Background/History - I was born a vampyress long ago on a deserted carribean island, my parents were vampires, I was raised by my family until they were killed, this is when I swore to hunt down those that killed my family, after succeeding in this vow I became an assassin. I learned my skills through study, I watched battles and took part in training during the night for royal armies. This is how I was trained for Archery and close combat, I then practiced my abilities, honing them, making

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17 Years Ago

seeing as i dont know half the stuff..i gotta think abouts this. *nodd*

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17 Years Ago

Name: Autumn Avaritia

Race: Vampire
Age: 4000+

Age appears to be: 17

Hair: midback
Color: midnight black
Style : straight

Eyes: blue

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130lbs

Physical Build: skinny
Dominant Hand: ambidextrous

Alignment: Neutral

Weapons: sword
Clothing: black leather pants and a black sleeveless shirt.
Special Abilities: healing, and summoning

Character Persona: Can be nice when she wants to be

Special Features: wings
Personality: annoying
Background/History: Unknown

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17 Years Ago

Name: Abariel Avaritia

Nickname or Alias: None

Race: Human, Vampyre

Organization/Kingdom: Vampyre Haven

Age: 5,000 + Years

Age appears to be: 47

Color: White with black streaks
Style : floor length

Eyes: Black

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110

Physical Build: Lean, Athletic

Dominant Hand: ambidextrous

Alignment: Lawful Evil Paired with Neutral

Weapons: Nephim(Justice)(Dagger), Fear(Dagger), Hope(Dagger), Injustice(Diamond Sword with ruby encrusted in pomel), fangs, wings, claws

Armor Dragon scale head gear impeneratable goes down around the neck and throat, Dragon scale front plate with a white diamond rose with black onxy encrusted edges and a dragon circling the rose, dragon scale backplate with a serpant eating its own tail meaning the beginning and no end to life itself, dragon scale leggings, dragon boots, All the this is immpeneratable.

Clothing: White floor length crushed velvet dress, or a Emerald Green dress of crushed velvet floor length, Sometimes a peasant blouse of crush velvet and leather skin tight pants that move easily with the person, and leather boots laced up the thigh.

Special Abilities:Shapeshifter, elemental magics, wings with razor edges,fangs, claws
Skills Able to work with sword, dagger or magics,
Magic: Elemental.

Character Persona

Special Features: Scars one in each shoulder, other scars are all over the body and a brand on the side, tattoos, one on back of left shoulder that is a serpent eating its tail, right shouldeer back of it is a white rose with black edges,

Personality: ? Leader Quiet most times but will speak up if feels there is a reason to. Will not back down if right and if wrong will do so.

Background/History: Born on a small island in the tropics where my parents pure blood vampyres were raised as children, raised by foster parents when my parents were killed by lycan and human alike, I am looking for to eradicate and feed off any and all humans and lycans for what they did to my parents. Loner most times I do socialze some of the time.