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12 Years Ago

"You want a smoke?" Alex offered me her cigarette.
"Thanks." I said, drawing it to and from my lips, knowing that while I was enjoying the rush and adrenaline it was giving me, I was consuming poison at my own will.
It was free period at Andover High and I, Olive Wallis was sitting with my best friend, Alex Lopez and discussing which of the cheerleaders were the biggest s**t.

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12 Years Ago

"Michelle Farmer," I said. "She's the biggest s**t. Definately. In Algebra yesterday, she was flirting with the teacher so that she could get a better grade on a test, " Everyone laughed; and the choice was made. She was the biggest s**t. Blond hair, blue eyes, small waist and big breasts, she was the polarioid of perfection. At least when looks came to it. Maybe a small part of me was jealous of her. Maybe I wanted to be beautiful. Instead, I had short black hair that was just starting to grow back from my latest round of chemo, and my dark brown eyes were anything but beautiful. I, like her, was skinny, but not in the same way as her;I was sickly skinny, and it wasn't pretty. Yet I still wouldn't let go of my poison. I took another drag of my cigarette.