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Writer's block!

12 Years Ago

How do you get around writer's block? I seem to have it just now. I have some editing to do and a whole load of writing but i tend to come on here and do things like look at the forums, read and review stories trying to put off doing some of my own writing.

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12 Years Ago

A lot of times, when I get blocked, I have to take a step back from my writing. If I try to force it, I just end up brooding over my last written chapter, especially if I have extensive revisions to do. One way to take a break without feeling lazy, is to write a short story in an unfamiliar genre. Let your mind wander. If the genre is unfamilliar, then you won't be constrained by rules or conventions. The point is to stimulate your creativity, while gracefully accepting the shift in focus that writer's block represents. The key to navigating a block, I have found, is accepting that the only way around it is through it. It may take time, but when you do get back on track with your original work, you'll feel much better and the writing will come.

Also, read a lot, and stay on the forums. Talking with other writers will give inspiration and insight. I hope this helps. :)