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HI! I am new to writing

8 Years Ago

I am a n00b to this.I want a clarification to make.I see the ratings in stats but I don't find an option to rate the poems I review.Is it because I am a newbie or is it because I didn't notice the rating part?
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Re: HI! I am new to writing

8 Years Ago

Hey, thanks for joining!
Sometimes, writers block the option to let others rate their writing and can only give reviews. Also, a new poem sometimes doesn't display the rate box right away and you might have to come back later to it so you can rate it.
The option to block ratings in writing is found in the bottom of the Add Writing page, after you have prepared your writing, there are some options that you can check on and off.
"This is a new version of this writing
Don't allow ratings
Only members can see this writing"
These are some of the options available for you to choose from before you publish your writing.
Hope this proved useful,
Penelope H.